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3 Fancy Stores to Buy Color Diamond

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Finding the best store to buy color diamond jewelry online is not as simple as it sounds! Read and discover the best stores where you can find a high-quality collection of diamonds, excellent customer service, and suitable prices!
When searching for diamonds online you will discover that there are hundreds of fine jewelry stores with poor diamond collection, not so good customer service, and expensive prices. Yes, finding a perfect store to buy engagement diamond rings or color diamond jewelry is not as simple as you thought it will be.
Worry not, as we are here to help you save time. We have analyzed the market, and we have chosen jewelers that provide full online shopping service. To be a part of our list, the jewelry store had to not only have a high-quality product but also to make their products easily accessible and searchable. We have managed to find fancy jewelry stores that provide excellent service and fair prices.
To be included on this list, there are a few key principles which had to be fulfilled, such as:
  • The jeweler is professional and experienced at running an efficient website.
  • There are high-quality photos of the diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and all color diamond jewelry for sale.
  • The lab report of the diamond for sale or also known as diamond grading certificate is listed with the diamond.
  • The inspection or return period is more than one week or 7 days.
  • The jeweler must be part of the Kimberley process to make sure the diamonds are ethical and conflict free
  • They must have an outstanding customer service, available to answer all of your questions and help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry, according to your budget.
Here are the top 3 places to buy color diamond jewelry online:
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1. Brilliant Earth

The best places to shop for color diamonds online. Brilliant Earth. Founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, Brilliant Earth never fails to amaze the customers by offering high-quality diamonds at fair prices. The team behind the incredible diamond jewelry you see on their official website is a group of professional and dedicated individuals – sales associates, jewelry designers, qualified gemologists – all working really hard to offer you exceptional jewelry that customers can feel good about wearing. They can offer you colored diamonds, lab diamonds, vintage diamonds, and super ideal diamonds in different styles and shapes (round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, radiant, marquise, heart, and etc.). Brilliant Earth also offers you a chance to create your own diamond ring (in 3 steps). All you have to do is choose a diamond, choose setting, and complete the ring. The customer service is outstanding. The team representatives are always here to help you, in case something goes wrong, to answer your questions, to help you make an appointment, and etc. If you are not really sure, what kind of ring you want to buy, the professional jewelers are always here to show you the perfect rings according to your taste and budget.
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2. Asteria Diamonds

This jewelry store has been present on the market since 1973. They are known for selling high-quality jewelry and natural diamonds. In 2012 they launched their online shop where you can find a huge collection of color diamonds. Their online store boasts an incredible inventory and diamonds in different colors, cuts, sizes, and qualities. They offer custom jewelry, so you can send them a sketch and they will design the jewelry for you.
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3. Leibish & Co

A one-stop destination for fancy color diamonds. This is an internationally popular store for fancy colored diamonds and colored diamond jewelry. They are one of the first color diamond stores to go online and provide useful detailed information to their potential buyers through their website.
Enjoy your shopping!