5 Essential Tips While Buying Diamond Jewelry

5 Essential Tips While Buying Diamond Jewelry

Keep these 5 essential tips in mind and make sure you have some diamond jewelry knowledge before you decide to head to the jeweler!

Buying diamond jewelry – diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings is one of the biggest purchase or investments a person can make in their lifetime. Because of this, purchasing a piece of jewelry can be a really daunting and long process. You probably have a lot of questions such as – what kind of diamond should you be purchasing?

If you are stressed out, don’t worry as we have a few tips for you that will help you make the right choice while purchasing diamond jewelry:

  • Setting matters – What you set your new diamond in is going to determine the end price. You can get plated metals for a lot less than precious metals, however, you should keep in mind that plated metals can easily wear off after some time. You could also go with sterling silver, however, keep in mind that it is not a super popular metal for an engagement ring as it is not as long-lasting and strong as platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold which are the most popular engagement metals.
  • Know your diamond alternatives – Lab-created or man-made diamonds can cost less than mined diamonds. They look exactly the same and are better for the environment. Usually, the mined diamonds can cost around $6000 while the lab-created diamonds are less than $3500.
  • Check for certification – A certified diamond comes with an original report by a team of professional geologists who evaluate the properties of the diamond from all angles. The certification is a proof that the diamond is real.
  • Know the ring size – The ring price can also affect the price of the diamond. A larger ring will need more diamonds to fulfill the surface than a smaller one. So, before you head to the jeweler and choose a certain ring, make sure you know the ideal ring size.
  • Buy a diamond online – Buying diamonds online comes with a few advantages. You have all the time in the world, to go to the diamonds available, compare prices, compare stores, without anyone pressuring you to purchase something. Brilliant Earth is a great store where you can find the perfect piece of diamond jewelry, according to your budget, style, and needs.

Visit Brilliant Earth and go through the huge collection of diamonds available and don’t forget these 5 essential tips.